Coffin Cases & Rack Systems

Coffin cases and rack systems work together for commercial applications. The rack system, which usually has numerous compressors, stacked on “racks” thus the name. These compressors are for several needs in places like Costco (one of our customers). Some are for the walk-in freezers; some for walk-in coolers and some are for coffin cases. Coffin cases are like very large insulated boxes with the evaporator coils, fans, and expansion valves. These parts work in conjunction with rack systems, air curtains etc. They keep the food cool so consumers can just reach-in and pick it up or search through to find the perfect loin. These systems are highly critical to these types of places. They have extremely technical sensors and components. Most of them even have sensors tracked by personnel in the office to maintain the exact systems.

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C-Aire is a Myrtle Beach HVAC and commercial refrigeration company in Conway, South Carolina. HVAC services include air conditioning installation and repairs, heating, make up air and exhaust hoods. Our refrigeration services include both repair and installations for coolers, ice machines, walk-in coolers, reach-in coolers, prep tables, bar refrigeration, under counter refrigeration, rack systems, coffin cases and air curtains. C-Aire has been servicing the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach for almost 20 years.

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