Heating and Air Questions

Below are a few heating and air questions that we get on a frequent basis. If you do not see your question answered below, please contact us here »

Pleated or Regular Filters and How Often Should They Be Changed?

Pleased should be the choice due to the amount of dust particles in the air. Most dust particles are micron particles that can’t be seen but after 1,000,000 get together they cause restrictions and clogged drains.

Why Is My AC set at 70 Degrees During Extreme Heat But Only Reads 77 degrees?

Heat Pumps are designed to take out relative humidity. When you first step into a room it feels ten times better, but when you start moving around your body temperature goes up thus making it feel warmer. Also units under sized will cause temperatures to be much higher.

Why Is There A Burning Smell When I Switch To Heat?

Think of your unit like a giant hairdryer. There are heat elements that have accumulated dust over the summer because of use of non-pleated filters. Those heaters come on burning away the excess dust particles, causing a burning smell.

Why Is There A Loud Noise When My AC Starts Up?

I call them kamikaze lizards getting caught in fan blades, capacitor is going bad or the contactor could be pitted.

Why Can’t You Fix The Leak In The Coil?

While some leaks are repairable, not all can be fixed since cutting fine lines the coil cause it to loose its efficiency.

Why Is My Unit On Fire In The Wintertime?

Defrost cycles occur every 30, 60, or 90 minutes whichever the board setting. This reverses the flow of Freon and defrosts the outdoor coils.

Where Should I Put My Thermostat at for Winter and Summer?

It is really up to the individual person. Ideally for summer are 72 degrees and 68 degrees for winter. Also get a digital programmable thermostat and set higher or lower for the times you are away.

Why Do My Lights Flicker When The Unit Comes On?

This is because the installer didn’t phase the unit properly. Please call C-Aire ASAP to reverse the polarity.

How Often Should My Heat Pump/Air Conditioner be Serviced?

Well all units should have semi annual inspections due to reversing valves that switch systems from heat to cool. Drain lines clog because water has evaporated causing debris to sit in traps. This could cause extreme damage to your ceiling. Also if Freon levels are not up to par, your electric bills will let you know.

Should I Install Gas Heat Or Electric Heat?

Gas heat is hotter air but can cause extreme dryness in your home causing dry eyes, nose etc. Heat pumps operate humidity and comfort. Gas is cheaper to operate but don’t ever forget to get that tank refilled!

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