Bar Refrigeration

Bar Refrigeration is crucial to those that want a cold beverage at the end of a hectic work day or just relaxing with friends. These coolers keep draft beverages cool holding up to 5 to 6 kegs. Reach-in bottle coolers can be from a singles slide door to a multiple 4 or 6 slide door system. These coolers can hold 4 to 100 cases of your favorite beverages. Bar refrigeration also keeps milk, orange juice, lemons, limes etc. from going bad if left out. Bar refrigeration needs maintenance as well. Most coolers don’t have the fancy bells and whistles such as low and high-pressure controls, like HVAC and rack systems. These need to be cleaned and serviced frequently. Coil cleaning is a must! Nobody wants to have a hot beverage at the end of the day. Remember there is always an ice machine around to cool it fast. So keep up with your entire bar refrigeration with C-Aire of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We will keep those hot boxes cool.

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C-Aire is a Myrtle Beach HVAC and commercial refrigeration company in Conway, South Carolina. HVAC services include air conditioning installation and repairs, heating, make up air and exhaust hoods. Our refrigeration services include both repair and installations for coolers, ice machines, walk-in coolers, reach-in coolers, prep tables, bar refrigeration, under counter refrigeration, rack systems, coffin cases and air curtains. C-Aire has been servicing the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach for almost 20 years.

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